“This book makes being an effective marketing leader a whole lot easier.”

Richard Reed, Co-founder Innocent Drinks and Jam Jar Investments.

“A very insightful guide for senior marketing leaders on how to think about the best way to interact with and deliver results to the wider organisation.”

Alex Chesterman OBE, Founder and CEO Cazoo and formerly Zoopla

“An essential read for marketing leaders packed full of great practical tools and tips that you can start using to drive real and immediate impact.”

Peter Markey, CMO Boots

“There are many leadership books but not many focus on unique challenges CMOs face. This book fills this gap and provides a very helpful framework to navigate one of the most transient roles in the Csuite.”

Yilmaz Erceyes, CMO Premier Foods

“An amazing tool for new marketers to help them understand this new marketing world…it would have helped me identify and anticipate some political issues, manage egos, and simply plan better.”

Antoinette Benoit, Former CMO McDonald’s

“A hugely compelling and valuable career support for marketing leaders.”

Colin Whaley, Sales and Marketing Director, Center Parcs

“As a fast growth business our marketing needs continue to evolve and change. The Marketing Leader’s CODE has helpedme think through what we need from our marketing leadership at each stage as we level up.”

Jonathan Petrides, Founder and CEO of allplants

“The Marketing Leader’s CODE helps future marketing leaders understand what is necessary to make an impact at board level.”

Ben Caunter, Senior Vice President & Head of International Marketing, IMAX Corporation

“A very practical and helpful resource for anyone who is or wants to be a senior marketing leader.”

Richard Coles, Digital Director, Greene King & Former CMO, Caxton

“The honesty together with the really actionable advice, make the book an essential read for all CMOs.”

Joanne Savage, Director Marketing EMEA, Fitbit at Google

“This book is vital navigation. It’s a practical guide to effective co-steering and reinforces the need for empathy and a shared perspective at every level. If only I’d had it sooner!”

Philippa Heywood, Managing Director, Thortful